Thursday, 2 February 2012

It's Whirling Today

Have you ever wondered what if?  Well, I am more than certain that you have, so be honest, we all have!  The past few months {mmm, perhaps years} have been an endless effort trying to get out of these "whirling thoughts" of what if!

Why after years of being apart, starting life with someone that I love could it be that I'm still in love with someone else? I ask... is it possible to love two people, or is it the idea of loving someone that I can't be with that is making my heart and mind whirl even more?

Husband [meaning]: A male person who has 'promised to love you in tough times and good times'. A person you have had three children with and who blames you for their being.  A person who has become non-active in your relationship and when asked to take you out, you will receive no reply!  You will wait almost 18 months or more to be taken on a date and it still won't happen. A person who will not be interested in anything you do and infact will hinder you from reaching your dreams, however will also require you to be at their side 24/7.

Other Person of Interest [meaning]: A male you have previously bonded with, who for some reason thought a career at the time was more important than you. However now at an older/wiser age has realised they should have taken you to their castle and loved you until the day you both are so wrinkled only memories will remind you of your youthful days full of fun and vigor. A person who will sit, laugh and play with you.  A person who will share your dreams and encourage you to reach for the stars.  A person who will not be angry at you for being you 'with all the energy that you have'.  A person who will take you places and have fun with you and not just say your 'fun'.  A person you have loved your whole life and a person you will "whirl your thoughts over" for everyday of your life.

Yes... today my thoughts are whirling and so is the breeze outside!

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